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Health & Safety

District Point of Contact:

 peggy2 Peggy Kilcrease Risk Management/ Health & Safety Chair 972.742.6794 mmhard6@gmail.com



Did you know that there are forms that MUST be filled out and turned in within 4 days of every event your unit (pack, troop, crew, or team) does? These forms are her for your convenience, as well as on the FORMS page for your convenience, along with a brief explanation of how and when to use them. Youth safety should be a priority in all that we do in Scouting. Please take the time to look these forms over, place one person from your unit in charge of keeping up with this responsibility, and then follow through with proper guidelines for all Health and Safety standards as set forth by the Boy Scouts of America and the State of Texas.

Incident Information Report This form is filled out for every event or ALLEGATION of injury, illness, or property damage including employment and directors and officers issues. It must be turned along with a roster of everyone attending the event within 4 days of the event to Peggy (Health and Safety Officer.) It is a two-page or a front/ back form.

Near Miss Form- Just like the Incident Information Report except the event didn’t happen but could have. This is used when the accident was prevented but still needs to be documented so that trainers in the future know to adjust guidelines to include more rigor.

Routine Drug Administration Record -All prescription drugs must go to one adult in charge. They need to be in the original bottle, labeled with the child’s name, the doctor’s prescription and dosage. Doctor abbreviations are provided on a seperate page. The adult needs to count how many pills were in the bottle to begin with and the bottle needs to be put in a ZipLoc baggie with the child’s name on it. One form per youth.

Preliminary Report- used just as an Incident Information Report. This form covers all den meetings, patrol meetings, unit activities, etc.

HSR- This is the form used to allow parents to file for insurance compensation. Peggy or a District or Council Representative will assist if this is necessary.

How to Submit a Claim- These are the instructions for submitting an HSR form. Again, if you or someone in your unit is ever in this situation, there will be assistance provided by the district or council.

ALL medical forms MUST be accompanied by a copy of the person’s insurance card. Be sure you have these copies before you go on activities. They can be scanned and e-mailed to the Cubmaster or Scoutmaster, but they MUST be provided!